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Where does it come from and how is a chalkboard made?

The chalkboard is a flat, vertical writing surface on which anything can be inscribed by means of a piece of chalk. The device is generally used for educational purposes, but it can also be found in the workplace, the home, and restaurants. While chalkboards can be manufactured from a variety of materials, porcelain enamel is the most common material used in today’s chalkboard.

The origins of the chalkboard date back to the early decades of the 19th century. The forerunner of the chalkboard was the small, paddle-shaped hornbook. This item had been in use in schools of medieval England, and by the time of the Revolutionary War era in colonial America, it was carried by legions of students.

The hornbook was a strip of wood with a piece of paper fastened onto it. On the paper were a variety of learning aids in small print. A typical hornbook would carry both the Lord’s Prayer and the alphabet, and a translucent sheet of animal horn covered the paper. The hornbooks were small objects, sometimes with a hole at the bottom so they could be tied on a string and worn about the neck.

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Awesome ways to have Chalkboards in the House

Did you know there are people who want to have a chalkboard around them all the time?

Some folks can’t stop doodling…

the whole day.

In the office, on the road and even at home. The great thing is you can just paint you have with chalkboard wall paint. And have a huge empty space to get your juices going.

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Some architect and interior designers have full rooms , intended to invite scrawls, notes and artwork from guests on blackboard kitchen and living room walls. Feeling adventurous and you too can add chalkboard coating to doors, tables and other furniture as well – in dark slate gray/black or classic ‘schoolroom green’ as desire

At the beginning of the day you have a blank black-slate surface and end of the day its one bit in creative chaos – greats for homes with kids, or ones with evil genius scientists perhaps.


Here a fun one for the kitchen is spotted and combines my love for skating. college hookup



Note: an eraser will never quite clear all the dust the way a wet cloth cleans up a dry-erase white board, so plan on living with the aftermath of this architectural choice.

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